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Balance Your Heart, Mind, and Might

Great men do a number of things right. While you should never expect to be perfect, your collection of possessed virtues will be long, and your talents will be highly regarded. One major test of a man, is his ability to move about their broad spectrum of emotions, knowing what’s best for each situation. Balance is key.

More specifically, a man needs to be gentle enough to look into a child’s or woman’s eyes with genuine love and affection, and be capable of breaking an enemy’s face should the situation demand. Physical violence is almost always a last resort, and certainly not your modus operandi, but the important lesson for you is to know when to be firm, when to gentle, and everywhere in between.


You don’t need to worry yourself over making the right choice, your intuition will guide you. You simply need to be able to express and emote clearly and effectively. Doing this will earn you the love and respect of many, and will keep you whole in spirit and mind.


Your body is often a filter. Continuously absorbing the emotions and energies of the world around you. A healthy man is not heavy with unchecked emotions, or filled with harbored feelings needing escape. I learned this the hard way, exploding at the wrong times, wearing myself down unnecessarily from lack of balance.


Take time to quiet your mind, organize your thoughts, forgive yourself for your mistakes (and your enemies), and find your balance. You will proceed through your conquests with a heart and mind in harmony, not carrying the burdens of the world and your past on your shoulders.


Ancient Wisdom for your journey:

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness; nothing is so gentle as true strength”. 

-St. Francis de Sales

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