Break free of generational curses

We have all heard the saying, “You are your father’s son”. It is used in either a negative or positive light. The truth is, you are the man you choose to be. Period. It is true that you may share genetics, mannerisms, and habits with your folks, but your life is completely yours to create. You are not at the mercy of whatever is going on in your family, or any generational curse that may persist.

Too many adults had the misfortune of broken homes, family members with addiction, severe poverty, and a number of other life diminishing occurrences. Do you think you’re capable of breaking family curses, and living a full, impactful life? I know you are, but do you?


If you desire, you can break through the old paradigms, mental habits, and belief systems that you inherited from your folks. Do you believe that marriage doesn’t work because your parent’s marriage was unsuccessful? Can you rise above the haze of addiction or any other generational curse that may have plagued your family? The answer is a resounding yes.


It may not be easy, but you can end your generational curse forever, and change the story of your life and your family’s history. Like the wake of a boat, what’s behind you has no bearing on where you decide to go.


A great writer once wrote, “Live as though your father were dead”, and I think this is great advice for you, so you can live freely. While your parent’s opinion may be extremely useful, you must learn to think, feel, and decide on your own. In fact, many adult men and women experience a mid-life crisis after the death of a parent. Once they have completed a period of mourning, they remark about feelings of confusion, not fully knowing what to do with the rest of their lives.


In my understanding of this phenomenon, this may because many people live their lives to satisfy their families, rather than satisfy themselves–possibly unconsciously. Then, when a parent unfortunately passes away, they are at a complete loss when they realize many of their life decisions were made intended to please someone else.


Instead of experiencing your own mid-life crisis later, live by your own terms now. You can break free from any generational curses or affliction that affects your family, and thrive.

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