Don’t Fight Your Demons, Starve Them

During your life progression, you will collect victories, accolades, and the recognition of your contemporaries. But, your path may be laden with your share of personal demons. These aren’t demons in the physical sense, they are monsters that wreak havoc in your mind, body and spirit. They appear at the doorstep of your greatest challenges to specifically attack your weaknesses, and are the only opposition between you and your victories. These demons, while vicious, can be defeated; they are your creations! The key to conquering these negative thoughts and dark forces is not to fight them head on, but to starve them.

You have probably heard the adage, “you are your own worst enemy”. It is crucial that you understand the magnitude of this statement, because it is completely true. Your fears, doubts, and self-destructive mentalities are the energy that keeps your demons alive. Starve them long enough, and they will die.

This is why religious texts continuously refer to the shapeless creature that is “the enemy of your soul”, hinting the most destructive beings go beyond flesh and blood. Your true enemy won’t attack you from the outside, it attacks from within.

It is likely that your demons appear in more than one part of your life. Do you notice many of your life experiences are different manifestations of the same pattern? This is no coincidence. You are the common denominator in all of your experiences. It’s likely that you are bringing these creatures along for the ride.

Listen to the words that you consistently tell yourself. Are you building yourself up? Or are you getting caught on a train of negative thoughts, and making your worst enemy bigger and stronger? Destroy that habit now, by replacing all of your toxic words, thoughts, and actions with positive, life bringing ones. You don’t have to entertain ideas that doesn’t empower you, let them go.

Stop feeding your demons, and shed them like ashes in the wind.

Ancient wisdom for your journey:

“The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you’ll ever look”.  –Gaius Julius Caesar

Important Note: The word demon isn’t only a negative term. I’m only using it in a negative context to denote an unwanted spirit, mental habit, or something that damages you beyond a spiritual level. By seeking the truth of the etymology of the word, you will learn its original meaning.

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