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Forgive Yourself and Your Enemies, So You Can Have Peace

In your professional and personal conquests, you may encounter a poor soul who betrays you, or improperly challenges your peace. Or, in other cases, it may be you who is the betrayer or transgressor. It is extremely important that you let these experiences go, and that you forgive yourself and your enemies. You don’t need to carry old, rotten feelings, directed at yourself, or anyone else.

You are not who you were yesterday, let alone who you were when you made mistakes months or even years ago. Don’t adhere to a victim mentality either. These lingering negative thoughts do not have a place in your heart, mind, or spirit. When you act on forgiveness and mercy, you keep your ego to a healthy minimum, and you free yourself and your transgressors. Stay wise by learning from what happened, but release your negativity and chaotic emotion.

Forgiveness does not expose weakness — in fact, it is quite the opposite. It enables you continue to live a free and happily life, not weighed down with the unnecessary muck of grudges or negative emotions. Whether it’s the soil or your body, everything heals and grows, and you will be stronger if you allow yourself to be forgiven, and forgive those who may hurt you.

Here’s how you forgive. Firstly, acknowledge your emotions, they are real. Once you can separate yourself from you emotions you can understand and manage them. Ask yourself why what you’ve experienced hurt you, and really get to the root cause– to learn about yourself. Now, take a deep breath, and mentally or vocally say, “I forgive you”, and exhale slowly. There is nothing wrong with feeling guilty, angry or hurt, but you can’t hold these feelings in, as they eventually become poisonous. When you exhale, you will extinguish the fire of anger or frustration, and put it out for good!

Remember: Like you, many people are fighting their own demons that we can’t see. Forgive yourself, give your fellow man a little leeway, and watch as it comes back to you in spades.

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