Great men have great mentors

Who you know is important, and what you know is also important. Here’s something else that is important: You need to find the right mentors, and you need to get behind the right people. It’s no coincidence that the great men and women who have built our world also had great coaches and mentors.


In philosophy, Aristotle was Plato’s (best) student, and Plato was taught by Socrates.

Cesare Borgia received the support and tutelage of Niccolo Machiavelli. In fact, The Prince, was written with Cesare Borgia in mind, in his quest for power and position.

In investing, Warren Buffet’s mentor was Benjamin Graham (See: Intelligent Investor). The list goes on, and on.

Great talent and great coaches will send you to the stratosphere.

Conversely, a poor or complacent boss can derail your career. Don’t let them. You deserve a good boss just as much as they demand a good employee. Protect yourself, and choose wisely. You don’t need to rely on others for your success, your success is self-determined. But, with great mentors, you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

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