In Your Work, Results Are All That Matter

It is nice to be well-liked. Having a large number of people who feel positively about you may give you the warm and fuzzies. Most of us were raised to be nice, gentle, and not rock the boat. This concept is generally good, but, for career success, your primary focus should be results, not other people’s feelings. It’s crucial to remember that in the work world, people really only care about your affect on the bottom line.

This is critical to your career success. If you work as a salesperson, what matters the most to your boss is reaching or exceeding sales goals or quotas. That’s the bottom line at it’s purest. Even if you’re easy to get along at work, and people love you, your boss will still fire you if you cannot sell.

You can be the nicest person in the line for unemployment benefits.

In professional sports, you can have a lot of heart, receive all the gusto from being likable. But if you cannot effectively play your role–they will cut you from the team without batting an eye.

If you already know this, good. But everyone needs to be reminded that we live in a results-oriented world, even if you have to ruffle a few feathers to get the job done.

Keep this in mind while you work and pave the way to your career success.

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