The world needs leaders, not managers

Nobody will say it, but the people need leaders. The world is flooded by confusion and debate, and only mere droplets of action. Everyone is offended by everything but nobody is doing anything. Even data is manipulated to support a person’s preconceived beliefs. Eventually, someone will have to take ownership and act. This is where you come in as a future leader. Whether it’s your family, your business, or your organization, you will truly take the helm and make a difference.

What is a leader? The world makes it seems like an overly complex, esoteric, silhouette of a person. Instead, lets take it back to the fundamentals. A leader is the one who goes first. Quite literally.

Does it seem to simple? Going first seems easy, but it goes a long way. A leader risks being humiliated, and failing altogether. It takes courage to be a leader. In an organization, be the first to show support, the first to admit if you’ve done something wrong, and the first to praise. If you have a fight with your lover, be the first to apologize, be the first to forgive.

Great leaders make people feel both safe and inspired, despite pressure the world throws at them. Great leaders are wise enough to know their own shortcomings, and build a team around them to fill the gaps. You may not be able to see the future, but you have to be smart enough to know what might be around the corner, and courageous enough to act and not flounder.

Lots of titles are thrown around these days. There’s and a plethora of managers. But few leaders are hard to find. Managers use fear and pressure to motivate, but leaders inspire action through support and vision.

The world needs leaders now, not managers. And the people are begging for you to lead, though they’ll never say it.

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