You are not a victim, you are strong!

We are all born at different starting lines. We are all mixed bags. Your life up to this has point has probably presented a number of challenges, with a bunch of possibly disadvantages. The world can be a very cold place at times; and your family, genetics, and environment may make things even worse.

It is acceptable to acknowledge all the hardships that were dropped into your lap. But the world doesn’t care. Now it is time for you to move forward. You must pick up the pieces, use what you have, and build something. This doesn’t take away from anything you have experienced, but it is no longer productive to keep playing the same narrative in your head, telling yourself the same story that explains why your life isn’t where it should be. Throw away your victim mentality, and allow yourself to rise above your situation.  You are not your circumstances. You are the master of your own destiny.

You can change your story when you decide.

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