Why I wrote you these letters

I wrote you these letters to help you grow into your greatness. They are pieces of wisdom that I have gained during the course of my life, and I now share them with you. I wrote you these letters to help you realize your potential, and serve as your reminder to stay on track while building your prosperity.

Imagine if your mother or father was a great leader or statesman. What kind of advice would they give? They would know the forces that truly drive this world, and what you need to do to prevail. Like Cesare Borgia was guided by the wisdom of Machiavelli, I intend for these letters to guide you to greatness in whatever endeavors you pursue.

If you disagree with my thoughts upon your own critical thinking, that’s understandable, as long as you’re thinking critically. These letters will at least be useful as your own food for thought. You are the architect of your own success, I hope to help you find clarity and guidance when forming your blueprint.

I won’t tell you how to live your life. You are smart and capable enough on your own. I am only sharing valuable musings from my endeavors, and conclusions from my experiences and thoughts. I wrote you these letters out of love, inspiration, and discernment, so you can save years of unnecessary hardship on your path.

The adventure of your life may be treacherous at times, but, stay strong and fear not. You are young, and destined for great things. I am here to be a positive whisper in your mind, and a inspirational reminder in your heart. That way, you can look ahead with unshakable confidence and excited determination.

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