Be the man you want to be

The balance between living in the present and planning for the future is a tricky one. Since you and I were children, we were told to have a plan for our careers, our finances, and our lives overall. This is mostly good advice, and it was given with great intention by those who care about us. But, there one part of the equation was overlooked: the part where you put on the skin of who you want to be, and act as if it’s already happened.

Firstly, you absolutely must have a vision of yourself for the future. It is very important for a man to set his sight on what he wants to accomplish and who he wants to become. I didn’t say “or”. Goal setting is necessary, but transcending traditional goal-setting by holding a vision of who you’re to become is paramount. For example, wanting to be debt-free and financial independent is a fantastic goal to achieve. But, consider becoming bigger than that goal by keeping a new image of yourself. Imaging having total confidence in your finances, and completely embodying affluence. That’s a vision, and achieving your goals will help realize that vision. This will turn your life into a journey of a continuously growing virtues and presence, rather than a just list of crossed-off goals.

Back to the present moment. For your vision to become a reality, you must live it, and act as if you’re already the man you wish to be. What qualities make up the great man you imagine yourself to be? Go about your day-to-day as if you already possessed those character traits. Live them out.

You will notice a change in your posture, your speaking voice, and your aptitudes. See how it changes things at work, and how you see the world. Stay present in each moment, with your vision in mind and spirit.  You will also notice a collection of “coincidences”, all seemingly supporting your vision. Every social interaction, challenge, and experience you have making your vision come to fruition. This makes your growth process less of a grind, and an enjoyable journey.

Enjoy the journey, but remember: Worrying about tomorrow and feeling guilty about yesterday will only soil your present moment, disabling you from creating your future. Act as if you’re the man you want to be, your future depends on it.

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