Want to reinvent yourself? Shatter your old status quo

Want to make a change? You certainly can. You can completely reinvent yourself, when you choose to. Here’s an easy example; if you keep maintain the same diet and physical routine, you will mostly maintain your physique–or lack thereof. But, if you alter your diet, or adhere to a new exercise routine, you’ll see your body transform before your very eyes.

This applies in all instances. Your career, your sex life, your finances, everything. If you desire, you can shatter the existing status quo of your life, and change everything for the better. Are you willing to change?

It takes effort to reinvent yourself. It isn’t always easy, and it will be uncomfortable. In fact, you may even have to confront some of your deepest fears. As you dig deeper, you’ll find that your situation–good or bad–stems from your own behaviors. This is where you’ll find freedom, learning from the realization that your life is fully in your control.

Interestingly, the wisdom passed down by great men implores us to press up against our fears, and find delight in periods of discomfort. It is in this space where you become stronger and more virtuous.

There’s a saying, “every level has a new devil”. This is certainly true. Whether you’re receiving a promotion, starting your own business, buying your first home, or meeting your dream lady, you will unexpectedly encounter a new set of challenges. But fear not, for this is a good thing!

In time, you will find that any challenge is not only another opportunity for you to become a better man, it is a sign that you are a better man.


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