Be Authentic or be Forgotten

Every letter that I write to you has a very important lesson, but this one is critical. I really should have named it, ‘ be authentic, or die alone, broke, and unfulfilled’. By the time you start university, you have probably absorbed and collected countless norms and beliefs that may or not be your own. There’s a possibility that your world view was not crafted by your own hands, and you are not actually leading your own life.

Think on your beliefs. What is your belief system towards money, work, or women? Is money only gotten from toil and strain? Or does it come easy? Do you understand what really attracts women? Or are you just following gimmicks, what the media tells you, or the advice from others who have failed in relationships?

Often, the most valuable nuggets of advice are the simplest. In this letter, that is certainly the case. In order to live your best life, you must be who you are, and act on authenticity. You must understand how truly important this is.

This truth is visible in all parts of your life. Lacking authenticity leads severely cripples your potential to have healthy friendships, a healthy sex life, and a life where you receive the love and respect of your peers.

When you align your beliefs with your actions, you will attract like-minded, or overall fitting people, and repel those that don’t fit. Your peers–and love interests especially–can relax in your presence, knowing that what they see and feel is the true you. People are repulsed when they sense a lack of authenticity. I have learned this the hard way. Though getting along with seems nice on the surface, having relationships based on authenticity is best. You don’t have to trample people with your beliefs, but people want and need to see who you are. The one’s that matter will love you for it.

This is the basis of true relationships. Have you forgotten who you are? There’s no time to blame anyone. Just act now. What could you start doing today that is truly of your own volition?

I want you to live a life of virtue and fortune. Meaning, I want you to live and experience to continuous self improvement. If you are being authentic, while constantly becoming a better man, that means that your life will be on a constant upward trajectory, even when you experience challenging times.

Do you want to know what’s attractive to women? In short, a man who acts on his mission with authenticity, and is centered in his work to realize that mission’s accomplishment. If you’re grounded in your purpose and work accordingly, your lady will feel confident and safe in your presence. When you make pursuits based on your own inspiration and no one else’s, you are setting the stage for others to trust and connect with you.

Let go of whatever belief system you have acquired that isn’t your’s. Break free of what’s stopping you from doing what you want to do. Trust yourself, be courageous and genuine, and watch your world change around you.


 Wisdom for your journey:

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
― Carl Jung


“This above all:
To thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

– Hamlet, Shakespeare

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