Win from Within

Success is both a journey and destination. Many great men and women swear by goal-setting. Others preach vision-setting as a way to unify your goals. In your quest for wisdom and prosperity, learn another great truth: All great achievements come from within. The fruits of your future success start as seeds planed in your mind, cultivated by belief, nurtured by action, and will soon appear before your very eyes.

I’ve mentioned before that success starts with you. The new job, new relationship, major achievement, or any other experience you seek is shaped by your own being. You must go there first in your own mind.

Take a moment and reflect on your daily thoughts, what scenarios are you envisioning for yourself? Is your mind constantly riding a river of worry? Are you convinced that expecting the worse is the best way to manage your expectations? Could this be the reason why your life is less than amazing?

Let’s follow a new script. Try expecting the best at every turn, or setback (if any).

The road to prosperity is paved by your own hand. Your outer world is shaped in proportion to your inner world. Don’t let that truth scare you, let it empower you. Relish in the responsibility of your own power, and your ability to live a life of your creation.

Living a life of virtue enables you to live as a full success. What is wealth if it comes with wretchedness? What is satisfaction without self-control? Don’t let achievements materialize alongside afflictions. Be complete.

I believe in you, friend. But it’s more important that you believe in you.

Please remember, if there’s something you want in your life, you have to go there in thought and spirit first.

Wisdom for your journey:

“He who studies how to become faultless, who strives to be pure hearted, who aims at the possession of a calm, wise, and seeing mind, engages in the most sublime task that man can undertake, and the results of which are perceptible in a well-ordered, blessed and beautiful life.” — James Allen






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