stop holding back

You must stop holding back

In your youth, you were taught to share, be nice, and be gentle. These qualities are virtuous for children, and mostly virtuous as you age. But, if you resort to holding back too much and overuse this habit in your career, business dealings, and relationships; you will render yourself impotent. Of course, it is best not to crack a nut with a sledgehammer,  but the ways of the world are complex, and not so obvious. I have told you previously that results are all that matter when you go to work.

This is still true, especially when you undertake a new pursuit and work to achieve your goals amid opposition and difficulty. Be clear when saying what you want to your counterparts, and speak up for yourself if someone crosses the line.

Paradoxically, people will show you heaps of respect when they know where you stand, and see how willing you are to make sure your needs are met, and goals are achieved. When people know who they’re dealing with, they will get behind you, or get out of the way. Stop holding back, kid gloves are for kids.

At work, getting along well with your boss is a plus. It’s a bit of luster and shine to the body of work you have already worked tirelessly to create. But the work and results¬†must come first. You and your boss solely have a business relationship, nothing else. You can be the nicest and most likable man or woman in your office, but your boss will still fire you if your work is sub-par, or will overlook you for promotions or leadership opportunities. The same applies if you own your own business.

Holding back too much and for too long will retard your true strength and willingness to take action–or fight–will atrophy, and become worthless. Choose to be strong now.

You must prosper, no matter what.

Wisdom for your journey:

Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back.

-Publilius Syrus

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