Rip, thrash, and smash your goals

To achieve your success, someone or something has to bleed. In some cases, you will have an actual opponent. In others, you will have to overcome opposition that can’t be seen, but is present nonetheless. Whoever or whatever it is that stands between you and your prosperity, must be obliterated. Don’t seek your goals, crush your goals relentlessly.

It has been said that thrones and titles, and are earned. It’s often more accurate to say they are taken. If you want something, then go get it.

Where to look

Keep in mind,  your biggest enemies resides between your ears. Impostors that pose as as your own voice. You might recognize them: Self-doubt, anxiety, fear of rejection, fear of failure, and so on. They all pile up at the door to your success, ready to hold you back or turn you away. At every level, there is a different devil, and it must be killed.

Success and prosperity alone can be great motivators for you to take action. But, that’s only one half of the equation. You can also let negative emotions motivate you as well. As night has day, and the yin has an opposing yang, you can operate on both the light and dark sides of yourself. In fact, the sting of losing and the relentless burn from failure is enough to change a man forever. Use that to your advantage.

Think on your failures for a moment. Relive that instant that left a bruise or scar in your memory banks. Now, think to yourself:

“Never again.”

What gaps in your character or abilities led to that moment? It is up to you to make take full responsibility — and never go back to that place again.

If positive feelings of success aren’t enough to get you to make moves, consider the fate that awaits you if you don’t. Your boss, the bank, the government, and any other gatekeeper with influence over your success is looking for any reason to tell you no, and any excuse to tell you you’re not good enough. You can’t let that happen.

Take every punch, every blow, and every setback that life gives you. Take it as a gift, as fuel to your fire. Remember, the same hand you use to caress the love of your life, will be the same hand you use to break your enemies’ teeth. You have to be able to do both, without holding back in apathy.


Balance both dark and light, let your nightmares give you the energy to build your dreams.








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