Forgive, but never forget

The world is often a paradox. Despite all the violence and conflict, reconciliation always satisfies people. Whether it’s the religious and spiritual underpinnings of every country,  or just the satisfaction of a peaceful handshake, the world enjoys friendly resolution. To forgive is be virtuous.

I have written to you before about how forgiving your past enemies brings you peace. But, don’t let kumbaya moments cause wisdom and understanding to elude you. Forgive, but never forget.

It’s impossible to proceed through your life without mistakes. Sometimes you’ll have to take risks. Sometimes, you will have to learn things the hard way. Let them go, but always remember the lesson. Wisdom and understanding are precious jewels, hold them close while building your empire.

In many cases, your mistakes will continue to repeat themselves until you’ve learned the lesson. Do you continually see yourself in highly undesirable situations or relationships? Have you been complaining for months – even years – about the same thing? You can put an end to it.

Remember, you are the common denominator for every experience in your life. It’s up to you change it. Don’t beat yourself up over your mistakes.

People will betray you, or let you down at times. It’s important to forgive them to keep your sanity. But use these situations as an opportunity to learn the nature of others. You can develop an understanding of how people operate, and learn how to better handle yourself among people of different personality types.

If you can do this, you can combine the emotional benefits of forgiveness with the life benefits of wisdom. You will retain the knowledge from every step of your journey, while discarding bad memories and heartache. You will accumulate a fountain of wisdom, and possess the emotional intelligence to properly apply it.

Every experience you’ve ever had, good or bad, likely had a lesson in it. A failed relationship, a business endeavor that fell apart, all have the potential to give you insights into the world – and yourself.

Forgive, but never forget, my friend.

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