You are gifted and cursed, here’s what to do about it

Since our teenage years, we have all heard about the importance of balance. Ideas like, without dark there is no light, without cold there is no warmth, and without sadness, there is no happiness.¬† These may be true, and overall, they’re good reminders to stay the course when the waters of life get rough. I also think this applies to the amazing personal gifts you possess, and likewise, the curses that may come alongside them.

Whether you know it or not, you are a gifted person. You have qualities and skills that come very easily to you. Maybe so easily, that you overlook them. Also, gifts are activities that bring you some form of energy, not drain you. It may be your ability to talk to people and build relationships, analyze numbers, create art, move your body, compose music, and so on. These are all great. Being gifted is a good thing.

Keep in mind that there may be a negative side to your gifts. Even the brightest yin has a proportionately dark yang. Your unique talents will propel you forward, but your negative blind spots can neutralize your progress if you’re unaware of them. Managing the cons of your special abilities will keep you on a constant upward trajectory.

For example, a person who has a strong, commanding presence can often be seen as arrogant and bullheaded. Likewise, a person who outwardly has a gentle, warm demeanor may be perceived as soft, or a pushover. Someone who naturally excels in fields like art or opinion-giving, may (initially) feel uncomfortable operating heavily in a more rigid setting without much latitude or room for interpretation.

Again, a gift is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with your natural talents or abilities. As you’re probably thinking, it’s all about context and situation. Being gifted is a blessing, avoid your curses to keep it that way.

If you pride yourself on possessing excellent logic, honesty, and pragmatism, you may risk being dispassionate, or appearing detached from others. There’s nothing wrong with pragmatism, in fact it’s an excellent talent to possess. But, being ignorant of its dark side can inadvertently cause you great harm in¬†heavily team-reliant environment.

If you appreciate putting the needs of others higher than yours, you risk being taken advantage of, and kicking yourself for it later. You may be the last person to get promoted, or recognized, because you’re constantly taking the short end of the stick. This will be a major hindrance while building your empire.

Know thyself

Self awareness is the key to make sure your gifts constantly work for you. Knowing how you operate in different situations is extremely important to your survival and prosperity.

The idea of working on weaknesses is highly debated. Some say it’s necessary, others say it’s worthless. I’ll let you decide for yourself. At the very least, knowing your limits, and being aware of a weakness gives you a chance to resolve it.

This is also why your inner circle is so important. Your friends, romantic partner, and business partners shouldn’t just be human echo chambers. On the contrary, your inner circle should be a healthy balance of ideas and temperaments to bring you better perspective, not just active inertia.

You are gifted. Stay self-aware and balanced to keep it that way.

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