About the Letters


These letters are bits of wisdom that I have picked up during the course of my life, and I’m happy to share them with you, to help you reach success. Perhaps you found these letters by coincidence, or perhaps you came across them by fate.

I wouldn’t dare tell you how to live your life. You are smart and capable enough on your own. I am simply sharing some of the valuable lessons from my travels, and conclusions from my experiences. Instead of taking years to learn vital life lessons, I write you these letters love and discernment, so that they will save you time and spare you unnecessary hardship along your path.

Your journey may sometimes be treacherous, but stay strong and fear not. You are destined for great things. I am here to be a positive whisper in your mind, and a inspirational mediation in your heart. That way, you can look ahead with confidence and excited determination.


Some men go their whole lives without knowing the truths of this world, as life’s truths are elusive and ever-changing. I am here to be your additional father figure, should you need it.  I am your added strength during times of darkness, and, most importantly, I am here to witness your greatness.